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Real Legends; A List of Mythical Items and Locations that can be Found
Topic Started: Mon Nov 4, 2013 5:39 am (1,033 Views)

Library of the Damned
"The brightest lights can illuminate the entire world, but that doesn't mean that we are all bathed in the safety of the light. For it is also said that the brightest lights cast the longest shadows."- Anonymous

The story behind the Library of the Damned is one of the oldest tales known to pony kind. There is only one known written copy of the tale, a journal hidden in the same place where the story got its name, but that does not mean that the story isn't well known among housewives and adventurers alike. A dark epic full that has been bastardized by thousands of mouths telling it a thousand different ways to the point where no one truly knows whose version is the most accurate. Though there are always a few constants in everyone's telling, the main characters are all unicorns, they were some of the most sinister ponies to have walked the land, and that the Library of the Damned is real and could be found in the far north, outside of Equestria's borders.

The Library of the Damned is a Legend that takes place about a thousand years before the events of Equestria's founding when the world was very young and the magic was raw and full of untapped potential. In the far north, a band of unicorns found what they considered the center of the magical world. A place where the untapped energies of the world could be formed into spells whose raw power can only be matched by the most powerful beings of the present day. Many of the unicorns there used their new found abilities to create spells that would benefit ponykind.

There was Blaze the Blessed, who, along with Chrono of the Crooked Horn, created the spells that could raise and lower the sun and moon. There was Tyros the Twinhorn who created the first form of levitation when he raised a mountain from the depths of the earth. The was Hydrol the Healer who made the first recovery magic and used it to mend a forest which Freljord the Firestarter had lit ablaze when he incarnated the first Combustion spell. Dozens upon dozens of unicorns sat atop that mountain in the freezing north, kept warm by the magical energies swirling around them and the blaze of knowledge burning in their minds.

Though among the legends who had made magic what it is today were ponies who had much more sinister ideas of what the true potential of magic. Winclas the Wicked who created a magical poison that would kill slowly and painfully which had no cure. Tzombra of the Twisted Tongue who could control the minds and bodies of both friend and foe with a single word. Creol the Cruel who could burst blood vessels and crush organs with a single burst of his magic, able to destroy the hearts of a hundred creatures with a thought. Finally, there was Diozine the Deathsayer who created a spell which would bring instantaneous death to whoever he pleased, regardless of location.

They called themselves the Gods of Death, a title that they probably should have announced after they left the mountain top. The others simply called themselves Scholars and were happy with knowing that only their work would live to see the light of day. The Scholars kicked the Gods off the peak of the mountain and sent them to the mountain that Tyros had raised to live out the rest of their days. Once the Gods were gone, the Scholars wrote their book of spells and walked down the mountain to join the rest of the ponies who were eagerly awaiting what they had discovered.

During this time, the Gods spent their time writing their own spells on stone tablets that had been ripped from the peak of the original mountain. Once the spells were written, they hid them somewhere on one of the twin peaks, buried in the rock with almost no signs that they were even there. It is said that the stones still give off a slight magical energy, but no one has been close enough to the location in so long that there is no definitive account of any magical disturbance in the area.

Once the spells were written and sealed away, the Gods went down and slaughtered hundreds with their great power only to be stopped by the Scholars that had banished them from their books and peak.

Where the Legend Deviates from the Truth

The original meeting of minds did not take place on top of a mountain, but instead took place in a temple which was built in what was thought to be the center of the magical world. Most of the ponies mentioned in the tale did create the spells that they were credited for, and were able to cast them to cast them to the same potency while inside the temple. Whether this is because of some sort of magical hot spot hidden in that area or because the unicorns at the time were simply more powerful because of the purity of their blood is unknown.

The main deviations from the story come up when you look at the power of the Gods of Death's spells. None of them were as potent as they were told in the story, and that is also true of the unicorns who created them. They were the weakest among the unicorns there who made those spells so that they could actually have their names among the others at the meeting. They wanted to be famous like the rest of the brilliant minds there, but didn't have the power to cast spells like them. Instead their spells were weak, but could be deadly if they weren't stopped.

The poison was deadly, but had a cure that was rather common and is still common now. Controlling the mind and body of another pony left the caster unable to move and was the cause of death for Tzombra of the Twisted Tongue whose brain erupted when he tried to control a superior mind. The Instantaneous death spell required the caster to be in the same room as their target, took many rare reagents to cast, had a long casting time, and could be stopped by either stopping the incantation that went with it, destroying the reagents, or even leaving the room that the caster was in at the time. The only spell that had the same power as the ones in the story was Creol the Cruel's organ bursting incantation, which could only ever be cast on a single target and could only truly burst veins and cause minor damage to internal organs. It is said that the most damage he ever did was puncturing the stomach of another pony which did eventually lead to their death, but would be avoidable with modern medical technology.

The geographical location of the tomes is the only other part of the story that has any truth to it. The tomes truly are hidden atop a mountain, but that mountain is one of many in a large range of peaks. The tomes do give off a slight magical energy, but one would need to be within fifty yards of them to even feel the slightest tingling of their energies.
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