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Playing the Field; attn: Adi
Topic Started: Sat May 26, 2018 1:49 pm (47 Views)
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What had once been the road from the capital in the Wildwoods could barely even be recognized anymore. Years of misuse and disrepair had left, at best, a slightly flat patch of land where the weeds were pushing through uneven stone. Most wouldn't even consider it to be a road at all, but that had never stopped Aurum Regis from using it - as they had walked it thousands of years ago to storm the capital, they now paced along it to start planning.

They had gathered enough power to... at least partially reveal themselves, and had finally changed their form to something more comfortable - having a physical body was always preferable to shadows. They looked over their sprightly, feminine form with weirdly bright red hair and shaggy goat legs, and smiled wickedly. It was certainly... unique, and if they liked anything it was uniqueness.

But things were starting to get boring now. They were tired of grabbing at scraps. The interesting place to be righgt now was Montpalais. They had been keeping tabs on the little "resistance" and their movements where he could, and they weren't exactly the most... subtle actors. Fortunately the Inquisition was so self-absorbed that their clumsy missteps were missed. A little... noise, also helped, and if there was one thing that Aurum had always exceeded at it was noise.

That was a thought, actually... if they wanted to go where all the fun was happening, they might need a bit of a distraction. But once they were in, they were certainly that they could... push things along. The small smile grew into a wicked grin, followed by a twisted laugh, in a deep voice that didn't match their feminine appearace. Oh it was all just too RICH!!!

A plan in place, now they just needed a little... help. If they were settling in they'd need a distraction... Fortunately, they were very good at games, and they had placed pieces on the board for plenty of time right now. Settling themself on a nearby moss-covered rock, Aurum Regis snapped their fingers, summoning Adi in the middle of whatever she was doing onto a rock opposite them.
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The poor thing landed on the rock with all the grace and poise you'd expect from someone having the rug pulled out from under their feet. Evidently Adi had been leaning intently over something, which caused her to fall forward and plant her face in the ground. The stress response kicked in, and she kicked into the air, hovering for a moment before perching back on the rock. She scowled. "This isn't the racetrack... the fuck are you? Do I owe you money?"
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