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Marae Cortisse; Bone Splinter
Topic Started: Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:01 pm (358 Views)

Name: Marae Cortisse – known colloquially as “Clicker” in the Portsteel underground
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Melia
Features: Stands at 5’10”, but weighs around 175 lbs, despite her athletic build betraying no signs of the weight. From the joint of her lower jaw down, her skin is coated by overlapping layers of bone, what remains of her skin bleached pale from the process of her uplifting. Her hair is of deep auburn, kept long in order to disguise the nature of her alterations.
She avails herself of a thick crimson trench jacket that meets long gloves at her elbow, and long pants of sturdy material. Both are reinforced at the joints in expectation of wear, with a loose hood stitched into the jacket’s collar, showing no signs of any allegiance in their design despite quality of make. It is the boots that betray her origins – dyed and stripped down, the inquisition’s uniforms are easily mistaken for adventurer’s dress, but the worn jackboots know few other owners.

Core Memories:

  • Introverted, brusque – Hours upon days spent in a room with patchwork white walls and a slow feed of ventilated dust. No contact for weeks at a time make for sharp conversations and a callused sense of loneliness…
  • Creative, Innovative – Training in all ways to use the art – but never how I wanted. The tricks I learned earned small praise from my handlers, and they serve me just as well now, but free time to experiment was wasted if not spent on more martial endeavours…
  • Wilful, self-assured, stubborn - …But no more. I’m free – most of all from the yoke of the Inquisition, but that goes for anyone else just the same. Should I serve it comes at my own behest, until the time I no longer wish to.
  • Self-deprecating, violent – When I first arrived at Portsteel, I thought I might make a better life and throw away the things I had been taught. But nothing comes for free, and nobody is willing to support a stranger with nothing to offer. But I have plenty to offer, and there are people here who want it. Maybe it’s good to be a thug.

Flaws: Essentially a soldier, conditioned with a hair trigger for violence. Her time in training at imperial hands has left her with tendencies towards swift physical resolutions to her issues, and she struggles with interacting with anyone who doesn’t share similar physicality in behaviour. She also guides herself by a rather self-interested and inconsistent moral compass.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Master Skill: Adaptability – Like all Melia, Marae is gifted with mastery of their element, though her case is forced by Inquisitorial dabbling. The masses of bone gathered both externally and internally are free for her to shape, subconsciously reinforcing the movements of her body as well as shifting to her will, a skill of which she makes great martial use.
Exceptional Skills: Marae was trained first and foremost as an enforcer. Adept at grappling, she dabbles in many weapon skills, her skill coming in shifting between them with the assistance of her abilities.. This lends her a strength in intimidation, extortion and torture, all expected tools of the trade.
Passable Skills: A puzzle solver. Keenly interested in lockpicking and mechanical work, though her knowledge is blunted by a lack of time to practice, and limited by her hot temper. A fairly accomplished climber and runner.
Weaknesses: A brutal fighter, she possesses no form of finesse, and relies on her innate abilities to surpass training, which leaves her vulnerable to those with superior skills. In addition, her chosen materials are not ideal, as even the densest bone weaponry she can bring to bear struggle to trade against proper steel, offensively and defensively. Stealth is also out of the question, as her plated exterior is prone to regular cracking, scraping noise.
Combat Focus: Strength

Residence: Portsteel – her actual residence varies.
Occupation: Her unique talents have made her well known in Portsteel as a bodyguard and enforcer, moving sporadically between gang leaders.
Factions: Formerly handled by Inquisition. Likely still sought out by them.

Biography: One of many spirited away beneath the grand chapels of Montpalais, Marae was lucky to survive her given trials at the hands of fervent Nightborne, but her luck has long since faced. Forced, by careful manipulation, to manifest the powers of a Melia aspected towards living bone, and years after that in training towards both combat and scripture, Marae was shaped to be a fist of the Inquisition, an example of their mastery of nature and fae-kind both.

She played along in earnest, drinking deep of the words of the church – until she was first let loose upon the city to make the jump from word to action. Seeing a chance to flee, her will broke, and she slipped the leash of her handlers – taking flight from the city the same night. Her travel found her drawn to the streets of Portsteel, where she might find sanctuary, though this came at the cost of promise by promise, leverage slowly piled upon her until the necessities of survival meant she must take up her old ways once again.

And so it was that Marae found she had traded one handler for another – though the new give and take of Portsteel’s underground at least offered the promise of freedom, of choice, and maybe, one day, of escape. But for every day she spends with her hands mired in Portsteel’s dirty work, she finds that perhaps this was her destiny after all, escape a foolish possibility for one such as her.
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