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You're Going to Ruin Everything
Topic Started: Tue Nov 29, 2016 6:42 pm (2,310 Views)

Hopper ran through the main gate of the dock compound. Right through. Just trucked on through the metal, leaving a Hopper shaped hole. He stood with hands on hips before Aydan, the mobsters heel digging onto Hookshot.

"What's some kind of dodo like you think he can do against a real mobster?"

"Justice." Hopper proclaimed. "I can do justice."

Aydan threw a punch which Hopper caught with his arm. Aydan screamed in pain, falling over clutching his now broken hand.


"Hopper!" Hopper looked up past Grass, who was swirling above him, to Aerie as she landed beside him, forming a massive crater. She hugged him. "Oh, Hopper-kun, you're so kawaii~"

"No, Aerie. You're kawaii."

Aerie swooned, falling weak in the knees. But it was totes okay, because Hopper was like 7 feet tall and super muscular so he just scooped her up and flew her home.

"But what about Hookshot?" Aerie asked.

"Where we're going, we don't need hookshots, baby."

He flew her home, walking straight through one of the front walls and into the kitchen. There was a party. Ballooooooons! Everyone was there. Oh hey, even Hookshot!

"Oh cool, what are we celebrating?"

"You, duh." Sky clasped Hopper's shoulder. "Thanks for taking over as leader for me, bro."

".. but why are you in your underwear?"

"Because it's your wedding? Where you been?" Dwayne stood by the flower garden that had always been growing in the kitchen, wearing a tux. Hopper put Aerie down and took his place at the altar. He smelled one of the roses against the banister. It smelled like the ocean. He loved that smell... it felt so... peaceful. The music pitched and he looked up the stairs like a boy on prom night and there she was.... Eponine.

Beautiful. A stunning white princess dress, she looked like a delicious cupcake. She descended in slow motion to him, and he held her in his arms. She smiled at him. "Eponine... you look so beau--" She interrupted with laughter. She grabbed his shoulders. Dug in her nails. "Epo--- ow ow ow ow what are you---" He tried to pull her off. Her nails went deeper. Her fingers sunk into the muscle. He looked back at her to yell but her eyes were all black. "THIS ISN'T A WEDDING AT ALL."


"Hey no killing the groom!"

"YEAH WHAT STONE SAID. NO KILLIN--- hnn stop, Nine, that.... that really.... " She raked her hand down his left arm, tearing the flesh with it.


"Save it for the honeymoon, guys."

Hopper cupped Eponine's face, trying to find a pupil to focus on in her eyes, but they seemed to be dripping out of her skull. "Nine, wh-why are you... I just... I want... you to.."
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"Hop. Per.! Hopper wake up. You are scaring me...." Aerie sat beside his bed, shaking him wildly. "You keep doing the mumbling in your sleep. Please, tell me, what does 'kawaii' mean?? I do not know this word. And why do you keep asking for Eponine?"
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"aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahArghblrblrg..." Hopper shot upright in bed in a cold sweat. The room slowly took shape. R-right. Nice scratched up wooden furniture. Comic books littered everywhere. Grass, his gryphon, fast asleep and tiny at the foot of his bed. G-gotcha. He patted his own head and arms. Still short. No muscles. Cast on the left... left... arm... left... It took him a few minutes to answer Aerie.

"U-um.... just... I don't .... remember....a dream I guess...?" He reached out for a glass of water on the nightstand, stopping before he could grab it to clutch his forearm and wince. "Epo--nine... is.. where is Nine? The o-others? How long... "
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"Oh... Hopper..." she frowned, handing him the glass and partially holding it for him as he took a drink. She spoke slowly. "You have been sleeping for almost two weeks now, on and off. Do you not remember any of it? I would not expect you to.. Eponine said your body was beneath the weather so we have kept you very sedated to sleep."

She scooted along the bed to pull Grass into her lap and pet the little fledgekitten. "Grass, you should not sleep on other people's cloaks." She picked up and folded the white cape, setting it beside herself. "Eponine must have left it last she was here." She turned her attention back to Hopper, switching over to their code names as a force of habit once discussing work.

"Light and Skylark went on patrol a few hours ago and have yet to return. The linkpearl lit up fifteen minutes ago. Dwayne said something was wrong, but the only order we were given was to check the security systems and stay ready. I believe Lamplight and Sky are en route?" She deepened her voice, trying to imitate Dwane. "We must batten many hatches and triple check the something something."

She clicked her tongue, stopping to lean over and ruffle Hopper's hair back into messy place. "Try not to worry or get up too fast? We would not want your six feet to go under."
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"She.." Hopper picked up the cloak, examining it. It was torn, stained. It smelled like the- "Ocean. I keep dreaming about oceans..." The way the fabric felt between his fingers brought back his last memory. She'd wrapped him in her cloak to carry him home. He always assumed she hated him...

"She was here? I... everything's a big blur, Aerie. Did you... catch Aydan?" He examined the cast on his arm and wing. Hopper tried to calm himself and analyze everything Aerie was saying but he still felt so light-headed. "What's... where's Hookshot?"

Grass jumped over to Hopper, and he pet the gryphon until she nuzzled against his side and went to bed.
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"Eponine has been in here daily, Hopper," she still talked slow, trying to register if he was lucid. "None of us are very gifted in healing magicks, but Eponine's powers seem to let her feel out one's physicality? She set your bones and has been in at least once a day to keep up your health. I am sorry, I don't understand her magic that much."

Aerie moved back to him, forcing him to lay back down with a firm hand and fluffing his pillow. "Please do not concern yourself, Grasshopper. I will let Dwayne know you are awake, and the moment Sky and Light are home, I promise to wake you. But I am under orders to encourage you to sleep as much as you can until they get here, alright?"

She got up to leave.
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"But I...yaaaaaawh" He yawned deep enough that his jaw popped. "Ah hab so men..ny ques....okeh." Grass and Hopper fell asleep at the same time, the latter using the former as a pillow. His head was spinning with neurosis and pretty justified questions, but the boy just couldn't keep himself awake.
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Ever so gently, she took Eponine's cloak and draped it over the two, ruffling Hopper's scraggly hair again sisterly. She leaned down, kissing his temple before turning off the light by his bed and sneaking from the room. Before she left, she plucked a linkpearl from her pocket, activated it, and left it by the only window in the room... just in case. Who knows what SkyLight were bringing home.

Aerie slid down the railing on her butt, landing loudly at the base of the stairs and crossing the foyer into the living room. She sat on the back of the couch, feet on the cushions and looked over to Dwayne. "Hopper is awake. Or was. He is just as dazed as you said he would be, Stone." She hugged her knees. "What is upward? Do not shield me from the truth. We are a team."
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"Good, little buddy needs sleep..." Dwayne sighed with relief. Hopper was so banged up, even if you ignored the arm. The trauma alone of being awake for that... he wanted to punch a wall. He'd punched a lot of walls since carrying his best friend home. Hopper had been so fragile. He rough-housed so much with the little guy and was used to him being this bright spot of energy in the house and group... to see him so broken... Dwayne controlled himself. No need to break more furniture. Save the first for Aydan's smug face. Stone would break the man's cheekbones, never let him smile again...

"Aerie..." he sighed again, getting up from where he'd been reading a sheet of blueprints of the house. "I dunno. Ep was really short in her comm. Always is. We're under some kind of attack. Stay indoors. Don't die until she gets home. Whatever is happening, it's bad enough that the patrol is ending early, and they are worried about us."
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Aerie folded her arms, hugging herself tightly. She looked toward the kitchen table, where rested her mace. "We will be okay, though?" She smiled, flying over to Dwayne and hugging him from behind, wrapping small arms around his neck. "We are on the right side of rock bottom now once we are all together again."
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